Bringing your New Dog Home

Bringing your New Dog Home

Read our top tips to ensure you and your new dog start your life together on the right foot!


Bringing home a new dog is an exciting time. For some, it’s the culmination of months of anticipation, and for all it is hopefully the start of a long, happy life together. To help you start as you mean to go on, we’ve put together some tips to see you through those early days.

Provide toys and games. Make sure toys are large and sturdy enough so they can’t be swallowed. Put them away between play sessions so your puppy won’t tire of them.

Dogs may require occasional bathing, so use a mild pet shampoo that is pH balanced and soap free. Never use human shampoo as it can dry your pet’s skin. Try to avoid bathing your dog any more than every 2 weeks. Use a dog brush and a nail clipper made for dogs. Teach your puppy to enjoy being groomed by brushing a few strokes every day followed by a small treat.

Make sleep time comfortable. Provide soft, washable bedding for your dog to curl up in. Teach them to sleep in a doggy bed or confine in a crate overnight.

Puppies chew to investigate new objects and to help lose their baby teeth. Give your puppy chew toys so your furniture, shoes and remote controls won’t be destroyed.

Playing fetch with balls and ring toys is great exercise for your dog – and great fun for you.

Choose the right collar. Collars should fit with some slack but not loosely enough to slide easily over the head. Allow for two finger-widths of space between the neck and collar and check the collar’s fit every week during your puppy’s growth, loosening as needed.

Start dental care early using a canine toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste.

Always have an ID tag with current information attached to the collar, and speak to your vet about microchip insertion in case your puppy gets lost. Not only is micro-chipping highly recommended, it is compulsory for all new dog registrations in New Zealand.

Find a vet you can trust at a quality practice and arrange a new-puppy health check. Bring any health info you have for your dog and ensure vaccinations are kept up to date.

Most importantly, give lots of love to your new dog!

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Yes, they may have been adjusted slightly according to each new formula. In addition, for more precision, different levels of dog activity and related feeding guidelines have been introduced.

These new feeding guidelines are clearly shown on the new PRO PLAN Dog packs.

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